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Word: peoria
IPA transcription: [pi'ɔɹiə]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Peoria
    Meaning: a city in central Illinois on the Illinois River
Usage examples
  • "Now, don't laugh--that's Peoria!"
  • She was born in Peoria; that's all."
  • "I think so, sir," said Peoria, timidly; "but, anyhow, there was Larry;" and she showed signs of weeping.
  • "My dear child," whispered Uncle Jack, as he took Carol an orange, "there is no doubt about the necessity of this feast, but I do advise you after this to have them twice a year, or quarterly, perhaps, for the way they eat is positively dangerous; I assure you I tremble for that terrible Peoria.