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Word: persistently
IPA transcription: [pɚs'ɪstəntli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: persistently
    Meaning: in a persistent manner; "he was asking questions, unavoidable questions, persistently..."
  • Synonyms: persistently
    Meaning: with persistence
Usage examples
  • "And the boy?" he asked, persistently.
  • I have observed you looking persistently at that clock.
  • Here she practiced persistently, shooting at sixty yards with much skill.
  • But she was too young to follow any train of repellent thought persistently to its end.
  • Like many laws upon our statute books, these are being persistently and intelligently violated.
  • It is a challenge to undertake the task of reorganization courageously and to keep at it persistently.
  • His ability is executive; that is, he persistently and energetically strives to execute or carry out his aims.
  • He hated this lonely launching from the shores of life of one who had sought intimacy so persistently and vainly.
  • "Did you help him to take it, pray, that you identify yourself with the affair so persistently and violently?" demanded Mr. Galloway, in a cynical tone.
  • One tribe would run errands as persistently as the ants; another would sing like the lark; a third would show a devil's innate fondness for stoking a fiery furnace.