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Word: perspiration
IPA transcription: [p,ɝspɚ'eɪʃən]
Pronunciations of perspiration
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: perspiration, sweat, sudor
    Meaning: salty fluid secreted by sweat glands; "sweat poured off his brow"
Usage examples
  • He went into a cold perspiration at the bare idea.
  • He took his hat off, and the perspiration stood upon his forehead.
  • "No one can ever forget his first guard tour with all its preparation and perspiration.
  • The perspiration was running off from us in streams--I had never had such a "sweater" before!
  • You will see, we shall not forget it!" he puffed as he rose with beads of perspiration on his brow.
  • I dream that I haven't packed it, and wake up in a cold perspiration, and get out of bed and hunt for it.
  • After working an hour, Pencroft, who was in a complete state of perspiration, threw down the pieces of wood in disgust.
  • In most cases I have seen a few alternate doses give rise to a pleasant perspiration, speedily followed by quiet sleep and recovery on waking.
  • An owl laughed 'Hoo! hoo!' almost in his face, as he peered over the edge of the gulf, and the old man threw himself back in a perspiration of horror.
  • Pinocchio set to work as well as he knew how, but long before he had pulled up the one hundred buckets, he was tired out and dripping with perspiration.
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