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Word: petrified
IPA transcription: [p'ɛtɹəf,aɪd]
Pronunciations of petrified
Usage examples
  • I was petrified.
  • For one moment her petrified gaze fixed itself there.
  • "Jappy!" said the stranger, still standing as if petrified.
  • In the middle of the clearing, on a pedestal of roughly piled rocks, there stood a cross of coral, extending long arms you would have thought were made of petrified blood.
  • The currents of wind seemed to have had no effect upon their shape, and in the midst of the windy blasts they stood unmoved and firm, just like a clump of petrified cedars.
  • Ages after, a farmer in Grand Chote, Michigan, plowing up his clover field, to sow for winter wheat, picked up a curious bit of "petrified honeycomb," and gave it to the schoolboys to take to their teacher, to hear what he would say about it.
  • I entered the town and passed through several streets, where at different intervals stood men in various attitudes, but all motionless and petrified. In the quarter inhabited by the merchants I found most of the shops shut, and in such as were open I likewise found the people petrified.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Grim Fandango, License CC BY-SA 4.0