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Word: phineas
IPA transcription: [f'ɪniəs]
Usage examples
  • Do you notice, Phineas?"
  • "Now, Uncle Phineas, go you home with Muriel.
  • Lady Chiltern, before she went, made a little speech to Phineas Finn.
  • Lady Chiltern and Madame Goesler were present, and also Phineas Finn.
  • Is it not so, Uncle Phineas?" continued her father, hastily, for I was watching them.
  • No doubt general opinion was adverse to poor Phineas Finn, but he was not without his party in the matter.
  • When Mr. Gresham entered the House he was received with much cheering; but Phineas did not join in the cheer.
  • "Phineas, you forget my principle--only mine, however; I do not force it upon any one else--my firm principle, that I will never go to law. Never!
  • They two, Lord Cantrip and Phineas, had at one period been on most intimate terms together;--had worked in the same office, and had thoroughly trusted each other.
  • He did not doubt but that Bonteen had shown the correspondence to his friends, and that the Ratlers and Erles had conceded that he, Phineas, was put out of court by it.