Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: picnics
IPA transcription: [p'ɪkn,ɪks]
Usage examples
  • We'll expect you at all the pahties and picnics and candy-pullin's that we have.
  • Hunting and fishing expeditions, picnics and balls went on from morning till night, and all the night through, so that there was not time even to think of sleep, only feasting and pleasure the whole week long.
  • The four had many excursions and picnics into the country together; but Kenneth and Patsy were recognized as especial chums, and the other girls did not interfere in their friendship except to tease them, occasionally, in a good natured way.
  • As the children grew up, Sagamore Hill remained delightful for them. There were picnics and riding parties, there were dances in the north room--sometimes fancy dress dances--and open-air plays on the green tennis court of one of the cousin's houses.
  • She held together well for a season or two after having been cleared of everything down to the timbers, and this gave us the chance to make camping-out trips in which the girls could also be included, for we put them to sleep in the wreck, while the boys slept on the shore; squaw picnics, the children called them.