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Word: pining
IPA transcription: [p'aɪnɪŋ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: pining
    Meaning: a feeling of deep longing
Usage examples
  • "Why how now, whining, pining lover?" said he, clapping him on the shoulder.
  • A dog has been known to convey food to another of his species who was tied up and pining for want of it.
  • Faintings and hysterics had at first shaken her tender frame, and were succeeded by a settled and pining melancholy.
  • 'The other two,' he said, 'which are to be fed three times, are not dead, but they are pining away, and won't last long.'
  • At that moment she was drawing on a long glove and, doubtless, pining to be flying over the dancing-floor, where, with clicking heels, four couples had now begun to thread the mazes of the mazurka.