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Word: plains
IPA transcription: [pl'eɪnz]
Pronunciations of plains
Usage examples
  • This antelope takes me back to the hard, white Plains.
  • Once there was no sea, and the gods went walking over the green plains of earth.
  • Afterwards many who failed in the mines drifted back to the plains and became farmers.
  • Its hills are covered with vines, and its cottages are scattered thickly in the plains.
  • [Footnote 4: These stampedes are a source of great profit to the Indians of the Plains.
  • The sign may not be so strong here, but it applies just as it does on the great plains.
  • Why, it's the hottest thing that ever crossed the Staked Plains since the Apaches came down in---"
  • This battle was noteworthy in employing the cavalry in an open charge across the plains against the dervish infantry.
  • These were carried so that if it should be found necessary to secure the horses on the plains, they could be picketed out.
  • APRICOTS.--The apricot is indigenous to the plains of Armenia, but is now cultivated in almost every climate, temperate or tropical.
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