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Word: planting
IPA transcription: [pl'æntɪŋ]
Pronunciations of planting
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: planting
    Meaning: the act of fixing firmly in place; "he ordered the planting of policemen outside every doorway"
Usage examples
  • It may seem that I have spent most of my time in advice on preparing the ground for planting.
  • If I were planting again I should grow a still larger proportion of the kinds I have now found to do best.
  • Planting himself on this position, he commenced the devastation and bloodshed which followed to effect our subjugation.
  • So, as soon as the Farmer had finished planting and had gone home, down they flew to the field, and began to eat as fast as they could.
  • "Bravo!--bravo!" cried Fred again, and coming suddenly towards us and, planting himself in front of Monsieur Robert Darzac, he said to him:
  • Sarah had fared no better than Elizabeth, according to her testimony. "Three times," said she, "I have been tied up; the last time was in planting corn-time, this year.
  • And in the end she planted the dingle-bells all in one straight row, and the cockle-shells in another straight row the length of the bed, and she finished by planting the cowslips in another long row at the back.
  • I am qualified to put forth such an article because of two weeks' service in my own back yard, doing my bit for Peter Henderson and planting all sorts of things in the ground without the slightest expectation of ever seeing anything of any of them again.
  • The necessity for work of such a strenuous nature in the mere preliminaries of the process of planting a garden is due to the fact that the average back-yard has, up till the present time, been behaving less like a garden than anything else in the world.
  • Who planted that tree I know not, it was planted so long ago: but surely it is none of God's planting, neither of the Son of God: yet it grows in all lands and in all climes, and sends its hidden suckers far and wide, even (unless we be watchful) into your hearts and mine.
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