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Word: plaything
IPA transcription: [pl'eɪθ,ɪŋ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: plaything, toy
    Meaning: an artifact designed to be played with
Usage examples
  • "Yes," he said, gently taking it from her, "but rather too valuable a plaything for my little pet.
  • With little boys in the street a Cat is a dreadfully objectionable plaything, roughly cut out of a stick or piece of wood, and sharpened at each end.
  • When Inzana saw the Eclipse bearing her plaything away she cried aloud to the thunder, who burst from Pegana and fell howling upon the throat of the Eclipse, who dropped the golden ball and let it fall towards earth.
  • The next year the imperfect telephone was exhibited at the Centennial in Philadelphia, but for a time it was the laughing stock of most people and hardly anyone ever dreamed that it would ever be more than a mere plaything.