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Word: plundering
IPA transcription: [pl'ʌndɚɪŋ]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: plundering
    Meaning: given to taking by force what is desired
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: plundering, pillage, pillaging
    Meaning: the act of stealing valuable things from a place; "the plundering of the Parthenon"; "his plundering of the great authors"
Usage examples
  • I am a leader of armies, not of plundering thieves."
  • During the Chinese revolution of 1912 in Peking and Nanking, looting leaders of mobs and plundering soldiers when captured were promptly decapitated without trial.
  • The exchange proved most disastrous. These pirates joined with others whom they had won over, stole Laudonniere's two pinnaces, and set forth on a plundering excursion to the West Indies.
  • But if the invader be gone after plundering the country, that city shall be the enemy of Lacedaemon and Athens, and shall be chastised by both, and one shall not make peace without the other.
  • Under the system of competition which is killing us, and whose necessary expression is a plundering and tyrannical government, the farmer will need always capital in order to repair his losses, and will be forced to contract loans.
  • Anchoring in the River Leita, he disembarked his troops, and leaving a guard to protect the vessels marched to the interior, plundering and burning, and from time to time despatching his booty to swell the immense mass which he had brought in his ships from the sack of Guerande.
  • After ravaging, plundering, and burning several towns on the Peruvian coast, after sinking all the vessels that he met with, and amassing a considerable booty, De Noort, hearing that a squadron commanded by the brother of the viceroy, Don Luis de Velasco, had been sent in pursuit of him, judged it time to make for the Ladrone Islands, where he anchored on the 16th of September.