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Word: pollyanna
IPA transcription: [p,ɑli'ænə]
Usage examples
  • And Pollyanna told him.
  • Pollyanna still looked unconvinced.
  • Pollyanna nodded, all sympathy and interest.
  • "I do." Pollyanna frowned again and pondered.
  • "Why, Jimmy Be--Pendleton!" gasped Pollyanna.
  • "Your--dad?" repeated Pollyanna, in amazement.
  • "I don't doubt it, Pollyanna," smiled the man.
  • "Why, Jimmy Bean, what do you mean?" cried Pollyanna.
  • "WHAT, Pollyanna?" Aunt Polly's voice was very sharp now.
  • For that matter, Pollyanna talked to everybody about Jamie.