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Word: populous
IPA transcription: [p'ɑpjələs]
Pronunciations of populous
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: populous, thickly_settled
    Meaning: densely populated
Usage examples
  • Two hours later, thirty officiating ministers from the most populous, and consequently the most disturbed parishes of Paris had assembled there.
  • And this once populous and happy royal residence quickly became an uninhabited ruin, which no one dared approach, for fear of the basilisk lurking in its underground vaults.
  • Highbury, the large and populous village, almost amounting to a town, to which Hartfield, in spite of its separate lawn, and shrubberies, and name, did really belong, afforded her no equals.
  • He now sent back to Charles of Blois the greater part of the French troops who accompanied him, and embarked with the Genoese and Spanish, 8000 in number, and sailed to Quimperle, a rich and populous town in Lower Brittany.
  • The legend of this sylvan war was long current among the nurses, old wives, and other ancient chroniclers of the place; but time and improvement have almost obliterated both the tradition and the scene of battle; for what was once the blood-stained valley is now in the center of this populous city, and known by the name of Dey Street.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Lemmings (video game), License CC BY-SA 4.0