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Word: porcelain
IPA transcription: [p'ɔɹsələn]
Pronunciations of porcelain
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: porcelain
    Meaning: ceramic ware made of a more or less translucent ceramic
Usage examples
  • 'I found the Palace of Green Porcelain, when we approached it about noon, deserted and falling into ruin.
  • He DOUBLE-BARRELLED his name, (as many poor Snobs do,) and instead of T. Sniffle, as formerly, came out, in a porcelain card, as Rev.
  • David could hear the creak of the lines under the Phoenix's weight and the rattling of the screw driver against the porcelain insulators.
  • 'The material of the Palace proved on examination to be indeed porcelain, and along the face of it I saw an inscription in some unknown character.
  • There was a German stove in the corner made of pink porcelain, the rafters and roof were painted scarlet, the walls were of magenta distemper and the floor was blue.
  • There are collections of armor, relics, porcelain, enamel, fabrics, paintings, statues, carvings in wood and ivory, machines, models, and every conceivable object of use or beauty.
  • 'To judge from the size of the place, this Palace of Green Porcelain had a great deal more in it than a Gallery of Palaeontology; possibly historical galleries; it might be, even a library!
  • But her delight was in the miniature toilet articles of solid silver, costly gold lacquer, and porcelain, so tiny, so beautifully carved they must have meant the eyesight of some workman, only too glad to shut out the sunlight forever if he might produce just one perfect thing.
  • Glancing into one open casement near the ground, I saw an aged woman, stout and capped, lie on her face before a very large porcelain stove; but I paced on without stoppage, traversed several streets, and came out, as it became dark, upon a piece of grass-land leading downward to a mountain-gorge.
  • The stateliness of ancient days lingered between the four high, smooth walls, tinted a delicate primrose-colour; and Mrs. Gould, with her little head and shining coils of hair, sitting in a cloud of muslin and lace before a slender mahogany table, resembled a fairy posed lightly before dainty philtres dispensed out of vessels of silver and porcelain.
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