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Word: porters
IPA transcription: [p'ɔɹtɚz]
Usage examples
  • The porters were calling, "All abawd!
  • Don't let those dreadful porters touch my cloaks.
  • The porters indeed received him in, but excluded his friends.
  • He feed the linen-coated porters and dismissed them as rapidly as possible.
  • None of the French porters knew him; not a single official at Calais cared a fig for Mellersh.
  • Now, mind you notice how much the luggage weighs in English pounds, and make the man at the office give you a note of it to check those horrid Belgian porters.
  • When the sultan's porters came to open the gates, they were amazed to find what had been an unoccupied garden filled up with a magnificent palace, and a splendid carpet extending to it all the way from the sultan's palace.
  • It took two porters as well as the driver to hold him in at the station; and I do not think they would have done it, even then, had not one of the men had the presence of mind to put a handkerchief over his nose, and to light a bit of brown paper.
  • The Count de Villeroy said that "he did not know how any fear could be entertained for a moment, when the court had, to defend itself against the parliament and the citizens of Paris, his holiness the coadjutor, who by a signal could raise an army of curates, church porters and vergers."
  • It was only on reaching home I noticed the hospital porters had omitted to take the dead man's carpet from the roof of the cab when they carried him in, and as the cabman did not care about driving back to the hospital with it, and it could not well be left in the street, I somewhat reluctantly carried it indoors with me.