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Word: posse
IPA transcription: [p'ɑsi]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: posse, posse_comitatus
    Meaning: a temporary police force
Usage examples
  • The return shots from the posse pattered against the window frame of the fort.
  • The members of the posse heard one shot fired inside, and then there was silence.
  • I pinned a penciled message on paper to the tub before departing, for the benefit of the posse, and my caravan was on the move again.
  • At the same time the rest of the posse, divided, shelled him from two side streets up which they were cautiously manoeuvring from a well-executed detour.
  • The posse, scattering broadly, stood ready to nip the besieged in case he should show himself in an effort to repel the juggernaut of justice that was creeping upon him.
  • Buck Patterson, tall, muscular, and solemn-faced, with his bright "City Marshal" badge shining on the breast of his blue flannel shirt, gave his posse directions for the onslaught upon Calliope.
  • Seven North-Enders had been seriously wounded, and a dozen South-Enders were reported on the sick list. The selectmen of the town awoke to the fact of what was going on, and detailed a posse of police to prevent further disturbance.