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Word: poultry
IPA transcription: [p'oʊltɹi]
Pronunciations of poultry
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: domestic_fowl, fowl, poultry
    Meaning: a domesticated gallinaceous bird thought to be descended from the red jungle fowl
Usage examples
  • in the poultry yard?'
  • Miss G---- is an old maid, and a great lover of cats and poultry.
  • Their dentists filled teeth with gold; their farmers hatched poultry by artificial heat.
  • Old Martha stood in the middle of a mob of poultry scattering handfuls of grain around her.
  • The best broadcloth from Blackwell Hall, and the best poultry from Leadenhall Market, were frequently left at his door.
  • Out sprang the fox from the little brown basket and in the twinkling of an eye he fell upon the fowls of the royal poultry yard.
  • A basket of corn was on the floor by her side, and out in the yard the poultry were beginning to clamour a protest of overdue feeding-time.
  • He is usually in Miss Plantagenet's poultry yard, and I rarely go round there." Lucy paused. "It is strange that the boy should act like that.
  • Dwarf Long Nose--as he was always called--made a practice of doing his marketing as much as possible himself, and whenever time allowed went to the market to buy his poultry and fruit.
  • If, when I am busy, I ask him to go and feed the poultry, he is certain to give them some poisonous stuff instead of their proper food, and when I visit the yard next I find them all dead.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording The Livestock Conservancy, License CC BY-SA 4.0