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Word: praiseworthy
IPA transcription: [pɹ'eɪzw,ɝði]
Pronunciations of praiseworthy
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: applaudable, commendable, laudable, praiseworthy
    Meaning: worthy of high praise; "applaudable efforts to save the environment"; "a commendable sense of purpose"; "laudable motives of improving housing conditions"; "a significant and praiseworthy increase in computer intelligence"
Usage examples
  • It is profitable and sometimes even praiseworthy.
  • The qualities which accompany this unity, praiseworthy community of purpose and welfare, loyalty to public ends, mutuality of sympathy, are emphasized.
  • I was just thinking the same thing that you have expressed. It would not be honorable or praiseworthy,' says I, 'for us to let Murkison go on with this project he has taken up.
  • But very often, and even most often, choice is utterly and stubbornly opposed to reason ... and ... and ... do you know that that, too, is profitable, sometimes even praiseworthy?
  • No one doubts that temperament and nerves and illness and even praiseworthy modesty may, singly or combined, cause the speaker's cheek to blanch before an audience, but neither can any one doubt that coddling will magnify this weakness.
  • It is not praiseworthy to display such self-importance as you did in the lifetime of your father." And again she pressed her to go with her, but the Princess still clung to the hope that the time would come when Genji would remember her and renew his kindness.
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