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Word: prematurely
IPA transcription: [pɹ,imətʃ'ʊɹli]
Pronunciations of prematurely
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: prematurely, untimely
    Meaning: too soon; in a premature manner; "I spoke prematurely"
  • Synonyms: prematurely
    Meaning: (of childbirth) before the end of the normal period of gestation; "the child was born prematurely"
Usage examples
  • His purposes are seasonably planted, and they bloom and bring forth fruit, which does not fall prematurely to the ground.
  • Whilst many are sacrificed for lack of necessary attendance, there are thousands who perish prematurely from overdoses of kindness.
  • If the trick was discovered prematurely, it was called letting the cat out of the bag--if not--he that made the bad bargain was said to have bought a pig in a poke.
  • She wore her prematurely white hair in a tall pompadour, and this with the rich velvets she affected, ample and long, made her look like a French marquise of the eighteenth century, stepped down from the canvas.
  • Perhaps if he had been maintained at the national expense to do that for which he was preternaturally fitted, he might have worn himself out prematurely; whereas by giving him routine work the scientific world got the benefit of his matured wisdom and experience.
  • We pulled easily, by Silver's directions, not to weary the hands prematurely, and after quite a long passage, landed at the mouth of the second river--that which runs down a woody cleft of the Spy-glass. Thence, bending to our left, we began to ascend the slope towards the plateau.
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