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Word: prickly
IPA transcription: [pɹ'ɪkli]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: bristly, prickly, splenetic, waspish
    Meaning: very irritable; "bristly exchanges between the White House and the press"; "he became prickly and spiteful"; "witty and waspish about his colleagues"
Usage examples
  • "Do they have spines like Prickly Porky?" demanded Peter Rabbit.
  • Isn't that so?" Happy Jack turned to the others and every one nodded, even Prickly Porky.
  • A few yards farther the Kid stopped the roan and gazed intently through the prickly openings.
  • You are like a chestnut burr, prickly outside, but silky-soft within, and a sweet kernal, if one can only get at it.
  • He turned now to his right up a little hill, pebble-covered, upon which grew only the tenacious and thorny prickly pear and chaparral.
  • Only Happy Jack the Gray Squirrel and Chatterer the Red Squirrel and Prickly Porky the Porcupine, who were sitting in trees, kept their places. You see they felt quite safe.
  • "Hate to be a dignitary in all this heat," Amos said, unenviously. "What are they doing now?" he enquired, and both boys parted the prickly pine needles to look out and down.
  • Alas, it is another of those prickly fish, she notices at once, one of those confounded tit-bits that are only to be looked at, but which neither teeth nor throat are ever glad to deal with; and she opens her mouth and chokes and spits.