Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: prided
IPA transcription: [pɹ'aɪdɪd]
Usage examples
  • Everything he did "went like clockwork," and he prided himself on his punctuality.
  • What he really prided himself on was his knowledge of other people, especially of women.
  • Where did you see her." I prided myself on my careless tone, but Dicky gave me a shrewd glance.
  • His hands were shaking, and he prided himself on their steadiness; he could feel that his lips were quivering, and the sweat was running down his face.
  • Perhaps he prided himself upon his skill as a physician, but he certainly watched the apparent convalescence of his friend's daughter with zealous interest.
  • And with all this, Stepan Arkadyevitch, who liked a joke, was fond of puzzling a plain man by saying that if he prided himself on his origin, he ought not to stop at Rurik and disown the first founder of his family--the monkey.
  • Long after the establishment of the printing-press, books, except in the hands of the scholar, continued to be a kind of curiosity, like other objects of art: less an intellectual need than a treasure upon which rich men prided themselves.