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Word: proverbs
IPA transcription: [pɹ'ɑvɚbz]
Pronunciations of proverbs
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Proverbs, Book_of_Proverbs
    Meaning: an Old Testament book consisting of proverbs from various Israeli sages (including Solomon)
Usage examples
  • One of my favorite proverbs.
  • Look not on the casserole when it is table d'hote, is one of the pet little proverbs in my immediate set.
  • Popular quotations and proverbs, as well as other quotations, require some care; and, except in familiar conversation, are altogether misplaced.
  • Not only this but other colloquial usages also express the same feeling. Well-known proverbs say, "The pig dreams of acorns, the goose of maize," or ask, "Of what does the hen dream?
  • The duchess could not help laughing at the simplicity of her duenna, or wondering at the language and proverbs of Sancho, to whom she said, "Worthy Sancho knows very well that when once a knight has made a promise he strives to keep it, though it should cost him his life.
  • "God alone can cure that," said Sancho; "for I have more proverbs in me than a book, and when I speak they come so thick together into my mouth that they fall to fighting among themselves to get out; that's why my tongue lets fly the first that come, though they may not be pat to the purpose.
  • "That, Sancho, thou art not," said Don Quixote; "for not only art thou not sage silence, but thou art pestilent prate and perversity; still I would like to know what three proverbs have just now come into thy memory, for I have been turning over mine own--and it is a good one--and none occurs to me."
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Benjamin Franklin, License CC BY-SA 4.0