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Word: purveyor
IPA transcription: [pɚv'eɪɚ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: purveyor
    Meaning: someone who supplies provisions (especially food)
Usage examples
  • If he is unable to fight, let him be cook, purveyor, or butler.
  • He was invoked at seed time and harvest; and as purveyor of nourishment he was addressed as grandfather, and his worshippers styled themselves his grandchildren.
  • Moreover, as we were saying before, he grows worse from having power: he becomes and is of necessity more jealous, more faithless, more unjust, more friendless, more impious, than he was at first; he is the purveyor and cherisher of every sort of vice, and the consequence is that he is supremely miserable, and that he makes everybody else as miserable as himself.