Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: quoth
IPA transcription: [kw'oʊθ]
Usage examples
  • Quoth the second,
  • "Certainly," quoth the Idiot.
  • "You foolish, romantic child!" quoth mother.
  • "So that is the end of experiment number one," quoth Miss Terry, smiling grimly.
  • "Your ship?" quoth the other, aghast, and still more aghast he added: "Your clothes?
  • "It will be time enough for them to hive," quoth the Squire, "when the old box is full."
  • 'Fresh beef cheap there, Prince Wulf, eh?' quoth Smid; 'I must look over the arrow-heads.'
  • --Let my old tye-wig, quoth my uncle Toby, and my laced regimentals, be hung to the fire all night, Trim.
  • 'I told you so,' quoth Mr Inspector, pulling off his outer coat, and leaning well over the stern with a will.
  • Lord Percy to the quarry went, To view the tender deere; Quoth he, "Erle Douglas promised This day to meet me heere;