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Word: raced
IPA transcription: [ɹ'eɪst]
Pronunciations of raced
Usage examples
  • Never had ideas of such impact raced through my brain!
  • Down a side street we raced, and along a parallel avenue toward the tunnel.
  • So, as they raced across the area of devastation, the face of Sarka became calm again.
  • Through the blackness he raced forward, hearing that sobbing ululation within the walls.
  • As Chip raced away over the prairie, he discovered a new and puzzling kink in his temper.
  • Sarka raced back to the room of the Master Beryl as a strident humming came through to him.
  • Her heart, which had seemed to stop beating, was suffocating her now, the way it raced along.
  • For three days and nights two great ocean liners raced across the deep and never came in sight of each other at all.
  • Then, dropping down, Mr. Sharp allowed the monoplane to proceed under its own power, while he raced on to the finish mark, winning, of course, by a large margin.
  • Against the turbid current worked tipsy rafts towed by wheezy steamers or leaky old sailing craft, and rickety row-boats raced cockle-shell canoes for the gold-bars above.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Kindred (novel), License CC BY-SA 4.0