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Word: raged
IPA transcription: [ɹ'eɪdʒd]
Usage examples
  • The battle raged.
  • The fight raged on.
  • "Saints and devils!" raged the Wolf.
  • But Colonel Winchester raged again and again in vain.
  • The sun rose high, and sank, and the battle still raged.
  • Life, through that awful sandy vortex, whirled and raged.
  • For six days and nights the storm raged, but on the seventh day it subsided and the flood began to abate.
  • The boat quivered, and the angler started and let the main-sail down, while the black wind from the frayed clouds raged under the heavens.
  • Beaumont and Fletcher, side by side, raged round the field like Castor and Pollux, and sturdy Ben Jonson enacted more wonders than when a volunteer with the army in Flanders.
  • All of the technical, expert, and professional skill and knowledge that money could procure or experience devise were availed of in the bitter fights that raged in the courts for many years.