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Word: ravines
IPA transcription: [ɹəv'inz]
Usage examples
  • Across the ravines came the howling of wolves.
  • There were terraces, ledges, knolls, ravines, and embankments, one after another.
  • But the woods and ravines are filled with their skirmishers, trying to clear the way.
  • With this thought in his brain, he rode down from the luminous upper world of the moon and stars toward the nether world of drifting mists and black ravines.
  • These roads were from twenty to twenty-five feet wide, were macadamized with pulverized stone mixed with lime and bituminous cement, and were walled in by strong walls "more than a fathom in thickness." In many places these roads were cut for leagues through the rock; great ravines were filled up with solid masonry; rivers were crossed by suspension bridges, used here ages before their introduction into Europe.