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Word: realms
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ɛlmz]
Pronunciations of realms
Usage examples
  • Undeveloped areas will be opened to the world, and new geologic realms will be explored.
  • Jesus on his cross must dwindle to a point, even in the realms of legend under Prometheus on Caucasus.
  • They got him out and emptied him; Alas it was too late; His spirit was gone for to sport aloft In the realms of the good and great.
  • There is something exceedingly delusive in thus looking back, through the long vista of departed years, and catching a glimpse of the fairy realms of antiquity.
  • Washington was introduced to Mrs. Boswell, and his imagination was on the point of flitting into the vapory realms of speculation again, when a lovely girl of sixteen or seventeen came in.
  • So God me help, said Sir Tristram, either he shall slay me or I him but that he shall be christened or ever we depart in-sunder. My lord Sir Tristram, said Sir Galleron, your renown and worship is well known through many realms, and God save you this day from shenship and shame.
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