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Word: redman
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ɛdm,æn]
Usage examples
  • But the fitful evening breeze came up through Redman's Dell, with a gentle sweep over the autumnal foliage.
  • The sun just touched the verge of the wooded uplands, as the young people began to descend the slope of Redman's Dell.
  • They had not walked together very far, when Stanley recollected that he must take his leave, and walk back to Gylingden; and so the young lady and Lord Chelford were left to pursue their way towards Redman's Farm together.
  • The pretty mill-road, running up through Redman's Dell, dank and dark with tall romantic trees, was left behind in another moment; and we were now traversing the homely and antique street of the little town, with its queer shops and solid steep-roofed residences.