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Word: reiterated
IPA transcription: [ɹi'ɪtɚ,eɪtɪd]
Pronunciations of reiterated
Usage examples
  • "What do you hear?" reiterated she.
  • "I will not swear it," reiterated the witness.
  • "Second best!" reiterated I, with an air of despondency, as the company turned from the target to me.
  • "Well, anyway," she reiterated, when she had caught her breath, "I don't understand it, all the same."
  • Yes, b'jiminey, I got shot." He reiterated this fact in a bewildered way, as if he did not know how it came about.
  • In reply to reiterated questions he stated that, after the Poles had been turned out, Mitya's position with Agrafena Alexandrovna had certainly improved, and that she had said that she loved him.
  • I reiterated to the President my earlier appeal that he assist suffrage as an urgent war measure and a necessary part of America's program for world democracy, to which the President replied: "The enfranchisement of women is not at all necessary to a program of democracy and I see nothing in
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