Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: replenished
IPA transcription: [ɹipl'ɛnɪʃt]
Usage examples
  • Pemmican-bags were replenished from the company's stores.
  • The spring was in a grassy spot, and Coonskin first replenished our canteens, then released the donkeys.
  • Within an hour, the water-casks at least replenished and stowed aboard, the Arabella and the Elizabeth put to sea upon that angry chase.
  • The kennels of greyhounds should be kept comfortably warm and dry, be frequently replenished with dry and clean straw, and properly ventilated.
  • The Romans possessed the great advantage over him of having magazines in their rear constantly replenished by their allies, and move where they might, they were sure of obtaining subsistence without difficulty.
  • Oliver could not help noticing that the withered flowers were never thrown away, although the little vase was regularly replenished; nor, could he help observing, that whenever the doctor came into the garden, he invariably cast his eyes up to that particular corner, and nodded his head most expressively, as he set forth on his morning's walk.