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Word: reprehensible
IPA transcription: [ɹ,ɛpɹɪh'ɛnsəbəl]
Pronunciations of reprehensible
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: condemnable, criminal, deplorable, reprehensible, vicious
    Meaning: bringing or deserving severe rebuke or censure; "a criminal waste of talent"; "a deplorable act of violence"; "adultery is as reprehensible for a husband as for a wife"
Usage examples
  • The fellow who does that, Mr. Bib, wants to lead a double life, and that is reprehensible.
  • Not to believe in mutual recognition beyond, seems to me a far more reprehensible unbelief than that in the resurrection itself.
  • This conduct is worthy of man: for what advantage does he gain by vengeance? The two actions are equivalent; if one action is reprehensible, both are reprehensible.
  • If he commits a murder, he will be responsible, whether the renown of the Prophet has reached him or not; for it is reason that formulates the reprehensible character of the action.
  • Every intelligent man comprehends that murder, theft, treachery, falsehood, hypocrisy and cruelty are evil and reprehensible; for if you prick a man with a thorn, he will cry out, complain and groan; so it is evident that he will understand that murder according to reason is evil and reprehensible.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Scar (The Lion King), License CC BY-SA 4.0