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Word: risen
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ɪzən]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: risen
    Meaning: (of e.g. celestial bodies) above the horizon; "the risen sun"
Usage examples
  • He was not there because he had risen.
  • Never, never should I have risen of myself!
  • He had not yet risen to show his visitor out.
  • The spectre of the prison had risen up against him.
  • The Bishop had risen now and walked over to the window.
  • The wind had risen a little, and it whipped about the staff.
  • Slowly the truth came home: a submarine had risen beneath him.
  • If Christ be risen, then is the grave of humanity itself empty.
  • The river had risen two feet at the Pine Camp bridge overnight.
  • Sir Walter had just risen, and was delighted at the sight of his esquire.