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Word: roberts
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ɑbɚts]
Pronunciations of roberts
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Roberts, Bartholomew_Roberts
    Meaning: a Welsh pirate credited with having taken more than 400 ships (1682-1722)
  • Synonyms: Roberts, Kenneth_Roberts
    Meaning: United States writer remembered for his historical novels about colonial America (1885-1957)
  • Synonyms: Roberts, Oral_Roberts
    Meaning: United States evangelist (born 1918)
  • Synonyms: Roberts, Richard_J._Roberts, Richard_John_Roberts
    Meaning: United States biochemist (born in England) honored for his discovery that some genes contain introns (born in 1943)
Usage examples
  • Mr. Roberts looked at his gem expert.
  • "Can you get any more of these?" went on Mr. Roberts.
  • "They are worth every cent of it," declared Mr. Roberts.
  • "Then might we speak for a supply?" went on Mr. Roberts, eagerly.
  • We had the private car of Mr. Roberts, President of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
  • "They are a joy to look at, Mr. Roberts," he went on, turning to the proprietor.
  • When I came back to the depot, Mr. Roberts was there, and insisted on carrying my satchel for me.
  • "Do you care to state where these diamonds came from?" asked Mr. Roberts, looking critically at Tom.
  • Roberts did as he was bid--he also had been to Helstonleigh before with his master--and delivered the card and message to Gaunt.
  • One of the disadvantages of her friendship with Ruth Roberts lay in the fact that they could seldom be together in the afternoons.
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