Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: rods
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ɑdz]
Usage examples
  • Shoot from there!" He pointed to a clump of spruce a dozen rods away.
  • They have been known to keep frogs under a pot and to beat them with rods when there was a drought.
  • He found some tracks presently, and followed them over the meadow in the starlight, across the road, and down the railroad track several rods.
  • In the meanwhile he was giving instructions to his two disciples, showing them the manner in which they should handle their rods, fix their flies, and play them along the surface of the stream.
  • Directly the flower is over it throws up rods of young growth eighteen to twenty feet long; as they mature they arch over, and next year their many short lateral shoots will be smothered with bloom.
  • In Java, when rain is wanted, two men will sometimes thrash each other with supple rods till the blood flows down their backs; the streaming blood represents the rain, and no doubt is supposed to make it fall on the ground.
  • The huge ears of a phonographic mechanism gaped in a battery for his words, the black eyes of great photographic cameras awaited his beginning, beyond metal rods and coils glittered dimly, and something whirled about with a droning hum.
  • To the sides of these large rocking receptacles are connected the rods carrying, at their other ends, the pistons of large force-pumps which draw the water in at one stroke and force it out to sternwards, below the water line, at the other.
  • The whole tenor of his life was quiet and inoffensive, being principally passed about the neighboring streams when the weather and season were favorable; and at other times he employed himself at home, preparing his fishing-tackle for the next campaign or manufacturing rods, nets, and flies for his patrons and pupils among the gentry.
  • The cruel Grognon ordered four women, ugly as witches, to take her and strip off her fine clothes, and whip her with rods till her white shoulders were red with blood. But lo! as soon as the rods touched her, they turned into bundles of feathers, and the women tired themselves to death with whipping, without hurting Graciosa the least in the world!