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Word: rogers
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ɑdʒɚz]
Pronunciations of rogers
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Rogers, Carl_Rogers
    Meaning: United States psychologist who developed client-centered therapy (1902-1987)
  • Synonyms: Rogers, Ginger_Rogers, Virginia_McMath, Virginia_Katherine_McMath
    Meaning: United States dancer and film actress who partnered with Fred Astaire (1911-1995)
  • Synonyms: Rogers, Will_Rogers, William_Penn_Adair_Rogers
    Meaning: United States humorist remembered for his homespun commentary on politics and American society (1879-1935)
Usage examples
  • "Let us hope for the best, Mrs. Rogers," said Beth.
  • "You have failed, it seems, and Will Rogers had failed.
  • 'Ah, what has decomposed you, ma'am?' inquired Mrs. Rogers.
  • 'Dear me, how slow the gentleman is,'exclaimed Mrs. Rogers.
  • "Is this Mrs. Rogers?" asked Beth, looking at the woman curiously.
  • The downrightness of Marjorie Rogers was both notorious and embarrassing.
  • Mrs. Rogers whispered Mrs. Raddle that he was really an elegant young man.
  • Mrs. Rogers was crying softly by this time, but it was from joy and relief.
  • "And you mustn't think of her as dead, Mrs. Rogers," said Beth, pleadingly.
  • But it wasn't so bad, Mrs. Rogers; it wasn't a desperate condition, by any means."
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