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Word: rogue
IPA transcription: [ɹ'oʊɡ]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: rogue, knave, rascal, rapscallion, scalawag, scallywag, varlet
    Meaning: a deceitful and unreliable scoundrel
Usage examples
  • "What do you mean, you rogue?
  • For the sake of argument, let us say I am a Rogue.
  • Get into the boat this instant, you lazy, loitering rogue.'"
  • What had that old rogue been doing now--offering Kitty his eighteen-story office building?
  • He put spurs to his horse, dashed through bush and brake, and soon came up to the rogue who had just time to jump in his boat and push from shore.
  • On the other side it's no better. As soon as it gets dark, or even before, your brother will appear with his gun in his hands: 'Look out, you rogue, you soup-maker.
  • Don't let that rogue off for less than a hundred and twenty.--Yours, B. F." Vavasor, therefore, having nothing better to do, spent his Christmas morning in calling on Mr. Magruin.
  • "The rogue has had a wonderfully successful career, thanks to his dispensing with confederates and confining his depredations to jewels and similar valuables, portable and easy to convert into cash.
  • Instantly I rose to my feet, and trailing the rifle over my wrist strode, eyeing him defiantly, in a line at a right angle with the course of his horse, but the rogue did not go far before turning his steed in the direction of the tub.
  • If he were not discharged, it is very unlikely that he could receive any further punishment than being committed to prison as a rogue and vagabond; and of course ever afterwards his mouth would be so obstinately closed that he might as well, for our purposes, be deaf, dumb, blind, and an idiot.'