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Word: romances
IPA transcription: [ɹoʊm'ænsɪz]
Usage examples
  • Romances don't grow in parts like these."
  • She liked romances and history and poetry; she would read anything.
  • In this gruesome business there lurked many tragedies, and very few romances.
  • Only yesterday no one would have remarked the fact, but to-day everybody began to build romances upon that harmless piece of household stuff.
  • From that clenched fist of his, light and airy romances, pretty and sweet and beguiling, do not flow, but realities--yes, big and brutal and repulsive, but real.
  • But all these characters, as well as all the others, instead of belonging to Shakespeare, are taken by him from dramas, chronicles, and romances anterior to him.
  • Fifteen years passed and all England was reading eagerly the wonderful historical poems and romances written by a man who called himself the "Wizard of the North."
  • I have had a curious packet confided to me, containing an immense amount of manuscript, in an inconceivably small space; tales, dramas, poems, romances, written principally by Charlotte, in a hand which it is almost impossible to decipher without the aid of a magnifying glass.