Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: routes
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ʊts]
Usage examples
  • I have walked both routes and consider the latter the shorter.
  • Eastern papers were full of advertisements of easy routes to the gold-diggings.
  • The prisoners were broken up into parties, and sent back into Germany by different routes.
  • He never went off the native routes of ordinary travel. But he was a devoted and able naturalist.
  • New trade routes and new means of transportation add to the supplies available in the older countries as effectively as if their areas were increased.
  • For a day and a night the cowboys made merry in town while their foremen consulted and the captains appointed by the Association mapped out the different routes.
  • Promoters who had never set foot west of Buffalo launched wild-cat mining companies and parcel express devices and stages by routes that went up sheer walls and crossed unbridged rivers.
  • To cross the Andes on mule-back along the regular routes is a feat comparable to the feats of the energetic tourists who by thousands traverse the mule trails in out-of-the-way nooks of Switzerland.
  • This is what the Americans called those strips of country directly under the regular ship routes of the Hans, who as a matter of precaution frequently blasted them with their dis beams to prevent the growth of foliage which might give shelter to the Americans.
  • The great industrial changes in the Middle Ages generally grew out of political changes, or of changes of routes of trade whereby large industries were disturbed, or of changes in the use of land through new methods and the bringing into use of land in other places.