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Word: rudely
IPA transcription: [ɹ'udli]
r meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: impolitely, discourteously, rudely
    Meaning: in an impolite manner; "he treated her impolitely"
Usage examples
  • "You've only heard half," said Katharine, rudely.
  • Like some poor nigh-related guest, that may not rudely be dismist
  • "No," replied Eleanor a trifle less rudely, "but we have as much right here as you have."
  • I told her that I could do no more for her; she answered me rudely, and kept urging her claims.
  • A hostile word, by starting a contrary imaginative current, buffets them rudely and threatens to dissolve their being.
  • But now that the double marriage was nearly made she suddenly appeared, thrusting her way rudely through the gathered crowd at the church door.
  • Mr. Lennox--his visit, his proposal--the remembrance of which had been so rudely pushed aside by the subsequent events of the day--haunted her dreams that night.
  • It was but the other day that one of them had been thrown rudely to the ground through the treachery of a lover, but yet none of them feared treachery from this lover.
  • He was glad that mother was coming home--quite glad, very glad; but at the same time that gladness was rudely contradicted by a quite strong feeling of sorrow, because now they could not go out all day on the carpet.
  • The dream of future power and greatness as Queen of France, in which the girl wife of the Dauphin had often indulged, was thus rudely dispelled, and Jacqueline returned to her father's court in Holland, no longer crown princess and heiress to a throne, but simply "Lady of Holland."