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Word: rudest
IPA transcription: [ɹ'udəst]
Usage examples
  • The delicate vases, the bronzes, and the silks are often made in humblest homes, the work of one or two laborers with rudest tools.
  • "I won't!" says young Amelia Pratt; "I won't do this!" "I won't do that!" Now isn't "won't" the naughtiest word That anyone has ever heard? Now isn't that the rudest way A Goop could answer? I should say!
  • That is why the force which oppresses while protecting is execrable; why the silly ignorance which views with the same eye the marvels of art, and the products of the rudest industry, excites unutterable contempt; why proud mediocrity, which glories in saying, "I have paid you--I owe you nothing," is especially odious.