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Word: rumpled
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ʌmpəld]
adverb meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: disheveled, dishevelled, frowzled, rumpled, tousled
    Meaning: in disarray; extremely disorderly; "her clothing was disheveled"; "powder-smeared and frowzled"; "a rumpled unmade bed"; "a bed with tousled sheets"; "his brown hair was tousled, thick, and curly"- Al Spiers
Usage examples
  • "Ah?" The old man's leathery face rumpled into a maze of wrinkles.
  • There was a thrashing sound in the thicket, and the Phoenix appeared, looking very rumpled and yawning behind its wing.
  • Now she touched my hair with a lofty playfulness that soothed me: but even then I looked upon the rumpled bed, and saw that the man there was really very sick.
  • You see, he was so busy minding other people's business that he didn't have time to attend to his own. So his brown and gray coat always was rumpled and tumbled and dirty. His house was a tumble-down affair in which no one but Mr. Rabbit would ever have thought of living, and his garden--oh, dear me, such a garden you never did see!