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Word: rutherford
IPA transcription: [ɹ'ʌθɚfɚd]
noun meaning of the word
  • Synonyms: Rutherford, Ernest_Rutherford, First_Baron_Rutherford, First_Baron_Rutherford_of_Nelson
    Meaning: British physicist (born in New Zealand) who discovered the atomic nucleus and proposed a nuclear model of the atom (1871-1937)
  • Synonyms: Rutherford, Daniel_Rutherford
    Meaning: British chemist who isolated nitrogen (1749-1819)
  • Synonyms: rutherford
    Meaning: a unit strength of a radioactive source equal to one million disintegrations per second
Usage examples
  • An obscure scientist in one of the laboratories run by the Medical Lobby found a cure before the first waves of the epidemic hit America. Rutherford Ryan, then head of the Lobby, made sure that Medical Lobby got all the credit.
  • He can be found out by seeing Fountain Tombs who belongs to Mr. Rutherford and if you should not see him, there is James Turner who lives at the Governors, Please to see Captain Bayliss and tell him to take these directions and go to John Hill, in Petersburgh, and he may find him.