Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: safest
IPA transcription: [s'eɪfəst]
Usage examples
  • 'Get to a corner, Dick; they're always the safest places.
  • These drafts afford the safest and cheapest means for remitting money.
  • Remembering this, there were times when he thought absence was both safest and best.
  • To invest his surplus income in the best and safest manner was the study of his life.
  • It was this last alternative, as being the safest of the three, which was adopted by Drake.
  • Think the problem through, decide what's the safest and best thing to do, and then do it slowly and carefully.
  • So it is apparent to me that the safest thing to do is to call everyone general--there seem to be so many here.
  • "Mr. Turtle did as he was told to do, and there he was in the very best and safest kind of a house, perfectly hidden from all his enemies!
  • The twin screw, with which the best and safest of modern steam-ships are all fitted, will soon develop into what may be called "the twin stern".
  • Yes, my countrymen, I own to you that, after having given it an attentive consideration, I am clearly of opinion it is your interest to adopt it. I am convinced that this is the safest course for your liberty, your dignity, and your happiness.