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Word: saints
IPA transcription: [s'e…™nts]
Pronunciations of saints
Usage examples
  • Most of the saints were banished.
  • "Saints and devils!" raged the Wolf.
  • Other saints were turned, like naughty children, with their faces to the wall.
  • 'Civil men,' says Thomas Goodwin, 'are this world's saints.' And poor Pliable was one of them.
  • I imagine that when he died he was a broken-down man--and the great saints haven't been strong."
  • "Saints alive, man, do you think I would have you tumbling in here over each other's heels if she were?"
  • "Mother of God," the wanderer said, "I am but a common king, Nor will I ask what saints may ask, To see a secret thing.
  • For Colan was hung with raiment Tattered like autumn leaves, And his men were all as thin as saints, And all as poor as thieves.
  • On the way home she confided to her cousins a method of securing revenge upon the agent for selling them the three copies of the "Lives of the Saints."
  • "I should like my children to be saints rather than great noblemen," said Madame de Gondi when she presented the boys to their tutor, but the prospect seemed remote enough.
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