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Word: sallies
IPA transcription: [s'├Žliz]
Usage examples
  • "And at night he sallies forth and slays us," gloomily commented the other.
  • I laughed against my will at her ill-tempered sallies; they were too funny not to amuse, in spite of their vitriol.
  • By continual sallies he infested them in their trenches, and gained sudden advantages over them: by disputing every inch of ground, he repressed the vigor and alacrity of their courage, elated by former successes.
  • These sallies seemed always to constitute a sort of crisis in his indisposition; and, whenever he was induced to such a premature return, he would fall immediately after into a state of the most melancholy inactivity, in which he usually continued for two or three days.