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Word: sampson
IPA transcription: [s'æmpsən]
Usage examples
  • I guess it was Eradicate Sampson, a colored man who does work for us," said Tom.
  • She felt much stronger than when at the home of Martha Sampson, in spite of what she had experienced in running away.
  • I hope Harry wont take it amiss if Sir Sampson does not pay him so much Attention as he might expect; but he says that he will not be master of a moment of his own Time in London.
  • Lady Maclaughlan is in High spirits at Sir Sampson's Success, though, at the Same Time, I assure you, she Felt much for the Distress of poor Mr. M'Dunsmuir, and had sent him a Large Box of Pills, and a Bottle of Gout Tincture, only two days before he died.
  • "My DEAREST NIECE, LADY JULIANA--I am Certain, as indeed we all are, that it will Afford your Ladyship and our dear Nephew the greatest Pleasure to see this letter Franked by our Worthy and Respectable Friend Sir Sampson Maclaughlan, Bart., especially as it is the First he has ever franked; out of compliment to you, as I assure you he admires you excessively, as indeed we all do.