Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: san
IPA transcription: [s'├Žn]
Usage examples
  • He had come from San Antonio, Texas.
  • The letter was taken to the City Hotel in San Francisco, and read aloud in the dining-room.
  • What were the effects of the Chicago fire and the San Francisco earthquake upon these cities?
  • At Alameda, on the bay opposite San Francisco, a score of chimneys were shaken down and other injuries done.
  • That was known to all San Francisco, for her carriage had stood in front of the Occidental Hotel for an hour.
  • Vancouver then visited the presidio at San Francisco, and thence proceeded to Monterey, where Quadra awaited him.
  • The journey from New York to San Francisco consumed, formerly, under the most favourable conditions, at least six months.
  • I had to go through the mud to the Columbia River, then out over the bar to the Pacific Ocean, and down to San Francisco.
  • Reverberates there above San Benedetto From Alps, by falling at a single leap, Where for a thousand there were room enough;
  • In four months sixty-seven vessels, carrying from a hundred to a thousand men each, had come up from San Francisco to Victoria.