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Word: sandals
IPA transcription: [s'ændəlz]
Pronunciations of sandals
Usage examples
  • Then show him the sword and the sandals, and take what the Gods shall send.'
  • Eric crowned himself with bloodroot and contrived grass sandals for his feet.
  • He had one blue leg and one pink one, while both his feet--which showed through the open sandals he wore--were jet black.
  • But Telemachus bound on his sandals, and took a long and doughty spear with a head of sharpened bronze from the deck of the ship.
  • And Aithra smiled, and said, 'Take, then, the sword and the sandals, and go to AEgeus, king of Athens, who lives on Pallas' hill; and say to him, "The stone is lifted, but whose is the pledge beneath it?"
  • Tohil, the god who gave the Quiches fire by shaking his sandals, was represented by a flint-stone. He is distinctly said to be the same as Quetzalcoatl, one of whose commonest symbols was a flint (tecpatl).
  • From that time to this love had prevailed, and as Yuki Chan climbed on the porch, besmirching its shining surface with her muddy little feet, that had been guiltless of sandals all day, the faces of the two old people lighted up with sudden joy.
  • And when he looked beneath it, on the ground lay a sword of bronze, with a hilt of glittering gold, and by it a pair of golden sandals; and he caught them up, and burst through the bushes like a wild boar, and leapt to his mother, holding them high above his head.
  • By these means they lose their color and have pale complexions, and become feeble and small. For this reason they are without proper complexions, use high sandals, and become beautiful not from strength, but from slothful tenderness. And thus they ruin their own tempers and natures, and consequently those of their offspring.
0. Word pronunciation is derived from article recording Priapus, License CC BY-SA 4.0