Tikibu: pronunciation dictionary with use examples

Word: sandridge
IPA transcription: [s'ændɹ,ɪdʒ]
Usage examples
  • Sandridge lighted the camp lantern and read the letter.
  • Sandridge saddled his horse and rode to the Lone Wolf Crossing.
  • Sandridge and one or two others turned out to investigate the row.
  • Sandridge thought he would take his chance then before Tonia rode back.
  • Sandridge quickly explained to his men the official part of the missive.
  • Sandridge glanced quickly at the dark mass of pear when he heard a slight squeaking sound that was not altogether unfamiliar.
  • Just then all that Sandridge could think of to do was to go outside and throw himself face downward in the dust by the side of his humming-bird, of whom not a feather fluttered.
  • Lieutenant Sandridge turned a beautiful /couleur de rose/ through his ordinary strawberry complexion, tucked the letter in his hip pocket, and chewed off the ends of his gamboge moustache.
  • When the form of Sandridge had disappeared, loping his big dun down the steep banks of the Frio crossing, the Kid crept back to his own horse, mounted him, and rode back along the tortuous trail he had come.
  • The captain turned the colour of brick dust under his tan, and forwarded the letter, after adding a few comments, per ranger Private Bill Adamson, to ranger Lieutenant Sandridge, camped at a water hole on the Nueces with a squad of five men in preservation of law and order.